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Makanminumla.blogspot is a free to view blog for the public. We are based in Johor Bahru. Johor.
Pardon our Singlish/Manglish, tons of grammatical errors, usage of weird words/languages/symbols.

We are here to share foods and drinks outlet/stall/restaurant that we found during our daily makan exploration. We are NOT PROFESSIONAL FOOD JUDGE / NOT PROFESSIONAL CAMERAMAN / NOT LITERATURE PROFESSOR thus don't expect Gordon Ramsey kind of comments or review here.
Based on our own tongue, we try to highlight good cheap eats / food / drinks that we found in Johor Bahru.
Everyone has different taste buds, what I love might not be what you will like to eat. But sharing is caring, any 'ranking' of food or comparison being made in this blog are purely based on our own tongue and by no way it represent the whole world about it. 

Shall our post, our photos, our feedback offends you or deems as derogatory to you or your business, do contact us. But IF we do say something bad about your food/business, please do reflect on yourself though. There will not be smoke without fire.

For makan minum kaki/lovers, do share with us any good eats that we miss out. \

We love to go to places where it is 'unknown' yet and be the guinea pig. But please, no fine dining or atas place. We are poor working class eating just to get full and satisfy our taste bud only 

Contact US

Shall there be a need to contact us for any reason (like we stole your photo, got some info wrong, you wanna jio us for a food trip, introduce us a nice new place yada yadayadaaa)

Feel free to drop us a mail 


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