Superb Brunch @ Tebrau

Sorry for being MIA for such a long time.
Long story short, too poor to have any meals, so we went up mountain and lock ourself in some caves. Just joking, we were busy with some stuffs.

We had a good start for year 2018.
On the very first day, we actually had a family brunch (oh, our first family brunch ever).
Am not a big fans of 'brunch' thingy as those shop charge some crazily high price for some eggs and bread.
But we have long heard of People and Places and feeling a little wealthy so off we went to P&P.

Not hard to find the place via Waze, parking was almost full, got to wait a little as the place was FULL HOUSE at about 12PM.

Was greeted and served by VERY FRIENDLY staff. Their angmoh slang is too powderful and it scares my parents a lil but luckily I can speak a little angmoh too.

We ordered 4 different 'mains' to be shared among the 4 of us. A cuppa of Long Black and a Hot Choco.
Drinks are decent (price and taste wise) , free flow sky juice provided.

The decor, feels and the service of this place is indeed very top notch. Even my pretty traditional parents love it. Waiting time for the food didn't take too long although they are full of patrons.

This is the first item that reach us. Sorry, can't remember the name. Something like worker's breakfast or along that. The kampung egg on top is very superb (our house uses kampung egg too, so my old man are pretty particular with their eggs). The roti toasted nicely. 

Next up is this Tom Yum Quesadilla or officially known as Quesadilla Brekkie.
Between the super crispy tortilla are scrambled egg with some tom yum taste (a little too faint for me as I do love my tomyum and spicy food)
It may sounds weird sounds so wrong, tomyum scrambled egg with tortilla, but this dish here is a winner. All 4 of us love it (though I prefer the roti with kampung egg a lil more).
Nice to bite (super crispy), creamy scrambled egg texture, with hints of tomyum taste.

Then we have the Ploughman's Breakfast which comes with yummy beef bacon, sausages and sauteed mushroom. It is also served with the sriracha aioli (the thing that give out that tomyum alike taste). The mushroom is great. There are pita bread under the egg, which I would prefer not to have that, maybe replace it with more bacons (hahaha)

The moment I saw this, I was like 'oh... ok..... This looks like a dessert'.
Well, being a mountain turtle, we never had any hotcakes before.
This thing is fluffy, sweet and very filling.
The berries, nuts and the pea sprout do really complement each another. The pea sprout does well to balance out the 'sweetness' of the hotcake making it not so 'jelak'.

Overall, we had a real great meal. The quality of the food (freshness and quality of ingredients), the environment and ambience, the crews' friendliness and the item ain't exactly overpriced for the quality that we get like some other brunch places.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Not cheap eats but the quality is there) 
TASTE :  (We all love it dearly) 
ENVIRONMENT :  (Indoor is cooling, clean looks nice)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Possibilities of fullhouse and limited parking)
RETURN TO EAT : Yup, when my pocket is full :)

date visited : 1/1/2018

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Address : 6, Jalan Kencana Emas 2/3, Perindustrian Tebrau lll, 81100, Johor Bahru,Johor.
Operation Hour : Mon - Thurs : 10am to 6pm || Weekends : 10am to 9pm

Do continue browse through our blog for more articles on good cheap eats and food around Johor Bahru. There are bound be to some delicious food that you will love. Or maybe you can find some info on where to avoid :D

Superb Brunch @ Tebrau Superb Brunch @ Tebrau Reviewed by Makan Minumla on January 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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