[HALAL] Mee Bandung Muar JDM (Kempas)

This time round we jalan jalan at an unknown territory, Kempas area around @Mart. Late in the night, hungry, but want to have good cheap good food.
Turn here and there around @Mart for like 10 minutes, found a interesting shop hidden at a quiet stretch of road.
Their signage say MEE BANDUNG MUAR and without any delay I parked my car and got down.

It is a very new place, pretty 'fancy' for a Mee Bandung shop and they serve a variety of 'combos' of seafood to go with the Mee Bandung
They have the normal version which comes with prawn
Or Udang Galah (Giant freshwater prawn) version
Or Ketam Bangkang (Mud Crab) version
Or Ketam Bunga (Flower Crab)
and even Udang Kara (Lobster)

Being a cheap and poor fellow, I ordered the cheapest available menu

Mee Bandung Original that goes for RM10.90

Above is how I got my Mee Bandung plated and served to me

Then I rearranged it a little, Looks better right?

Was pretty shocked that it actually comes with 4 prawn. 2 of them are considered BIG while 1 is medium sized and 1 is a bit smaller. This reminds me of an experienced where I the Mee Bandung I ordered comes with tons of seafood (prawns, mussel, sotong) and it only cost RM6.
Ends up all those seafood are not fresh and the whole bowl of Mee Bandung taste very fishy.

Was praying hard that I won't a plate of fishy Mee Bandung again.
And guess what? It was ok.
The Mee Bandung do taste nice although it's gravy is the watery kind, but the taste is there.
I pretty much did enjoy this bowl of Mee Bandung, but I still prefer my usual Mee Bandung place by Taman Daya roadside where the gravy is slightly thicker.

This outlet just started operation not long ago and it is a branch, food taste good but, I would not recommend trying the Mud Crab version of their Mee Bandung though
I don't see any live crab tank around. And for the price that they are selling it, RM16.90. I honestly doubt that it is fresh/live crab.

They have rice menu too, I stole their menu photo from their FB.

source : Mee Bandung Muar JDM facebook

source : Mee Bandung Muar JDM facebook 

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Cafe environment, big prawns for RM11) 
TASTE :  (Taste wise is good though gravy a little too watery for me) 
ENVIRONMENT :  (Pretty cooling no the night I visited)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Don't foresee any parking issue, but this place is pretty isolated for me)
RETURN TO EAT : If I happen to be around, yeah, I would

date visited : sometime Nov 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Address : No, 7,Jalan Cengkerik 6, Pusat Perdagangan Kempas, 81200 Johor Bahru,Johor..
Operation Hour : Daily, 12pm to 12am | Closed on Monday

*Image from their FB*

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[HALAL] Mee Bandung Muar JDM (Kempas) [HALAL] Mee Bandung Muar JDM (Kempas) Reviewed by Makan Minumla on December 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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