*Chop-sign-confirm* The best SPEAKEASY BAR in JOHOR

Hmm, the title seems abit overboard eh?
Not sure how many of you actually heard of a newly opened speakeasy bar in Johor Bahru town area, not a cocktail guy myself, but boy, I am speechless by the quality of cocktails they serve here.

But before that, let's track back a little,
What's a speakeasy bar?
What is the difference of a speakeasy bar and normal bar?

Long story short, long long time ago in US, there was a ban on premises selling alcoholic drinks.
BUT American sibeh like to drink and they still secretly operates bar/places selling smuggled drinks, people will 'speak softly/easier/quietly' of that place to avoid attention of police/goverment, thus the term 'speak easy bar/shop/place'. Normally those store are operating behind some other front just like a Chinese saying 'hang goat head sell dog meat'

Recent years, there are lots of new establishment that are designed accordingly to 'speak easy' concept, where the front of the shop are disguise as something else with hidden door to access their bar. It is a gimmick, marketing, branding, design yada yada yada, but most of these 'speak easy bar' emphasize on their cocktails, quality cocktails by professional mixologist.

Now the 'wind' has blew all the way to Johor Bahru. From what I know there weren't any real good cocktail places in JB with proper mixologist,  Were there any? Now we have one. Right smack in town area. Taman Pelangi.

Friend invited, dropped by, expecting nothing much, but boy, I was wrong.

Firstly, I was treated with some dim sum, yeah, dim sum, in the middle of the night, at a drinking place.The dim sum are surprisingly quite good but be warned, it is probably the most expensive dim sum you'll have in Johor Bahru.

Being a healthy guy, I ordered a pot of AIR BUNGA KEKWA (Chrysanthemum Tea), which is one of their signature cocktail. It is a mix of Chivas Regal 18yr Whisky and chrysanthemum tea. This drink is on the sweet side, for those that doesn't love really cocktail (like me), this will be a pretty good drink to start with.

Probably you'll wonder why would a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea be their signature cocktail right?
Well, it is their theme. 
Dim Sum & Pot of Chrysanthemum Tea? ! ? ! Yeah, China 'wind' (中国风). Nope, I ain't gonna reveal it all, continue reading and you'll find out more.

We did ordered quite a few cocktails, but being busy fooling around, I did not manage to take the photo (or should I say, I forgotten to). The very next cocktail surprises me a LOT thus I took a shot or two after taking a sip.

This drink is not in their menu (which is very limited anyway, you are supposed to sit at the bar and communicate with your mixologist on what drink you should be ordering and not from the menu)

This beautiful amber colored drink is a mix of 2 of my favourite brand. 
Lagavulin & Hennessy.
Sounds crazy right? It is a mixture of Lagavulin 12yrs Whisky (not your usual Lagavulin 16yrs old) and Hennessy VSOP.
It is not just a simple mixture of those two alcohol, firstly, Lagavulin 12yrs is a special edition whisky, not the normal everyday Islay Whisky that we can find and Hennessy VSOP is a helluva smooth Cognac. Mix these 2 superb alcohol with lots of various citrus oil, absinthe and various ingredients are in this glass. It resulted in a very smooth, fragrant, slightly peaty yet sweet and very dangerous glass of drink. 
It is named - 'Beyond Luxury'.
Worth every cents (lots of cents we are talking here)

Be warned, this place is not cheap, gonna cost you few hundred bucks easily for few glass of cocktails and dim sum. 
But worth every single cent. 
PROFESSIONAL award winning mixologist, not some learn from Youtube 'bartender'.
Sit at the bar and look at them mix, it is a visual enjoyment, you'll see hard work being put into our glass with all the quality ingredients, from ICE to dried fruits, garnishes and the alcohols. Quality stuff.
If you are looking to spend your time with REAL GOOD QUALITY cocktail, this is the place, personally rank it the best bar in Johor Bahru.

Well, that's the photo I have (lol... way too little eh) btw, I stole some photo from their Facebook and I'll post it below. 
So whatever photo below don't belongs to me, credit all goes to their original owner, sourced from HERE and HERE


Some of you start cursing already right? Up till now I have yet to actually says the name and the location.

Name : T15 凉茶铺 (Liang Teh Shop)
Address : Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi
Operation hour : 7pm to 1am

Their frontage looks like this

If you want to have some fun hunting, then look for a shop with frontage as above.
If you are really lazy, you can hop to their FB page, full address is in there. Nope, I am still not gonna give the full address. Have fun and enjoy your cocktail there.

Do continue browse through our blog for more articles on good cheap eats and food around Johor Bahru. There are bound be to some delicious food that you will love. Or maybe you can find some info on where to avoid :D

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