Waffle with Gelato @ Austin

Once a week we get to splurge a little on food and today we decide to splurge it on dessert (well, we skipped lunch and have dessert straight, lol).
There are so many new food establishment around Mount Austin area recently, we wonder which is really good and delicious, got to try our luck I guess.

We are at the latest business district of Mount Austin, nearby the hospital, the row where OMAYA is.
Right next to OMAYA is a very simple yet elegant, minimalist designed dessert cafe.

Our order of waffle
This is what we ordered, combination of
Rich Chocolate Waffle + Matcha Gelato with Peanut Butter Almond and Meringue Kiss as toppings served with Hazelnut Coffee sauce. Sound yummy enough? 

Rich Chocolate Waffle + Matcha Gelato

with Hazelnut Coffee sauce

Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea
We also ordered the Charcoal Oolong Tea, it certainly looks interesting.

Personally not a fan of dessert so don't have much experience with fancy dessert place in Johor Bahru. I prefer my waffle to be crispy and thin, but ALAS, the waffle here belongs to the soft fluffy type which is not our cup of tea.
The waffle has a nice aroma of chocolate, soft and fluffy to the bite. As for the matcha gelato that comes with it, it is good, but didn't give us any deep impression though.
The toppings are great, very fragrant, feels very premium. We had a hard time choosing the toppings as I practically wants everything but I am too cheap to add extra $$$ for it.
We did add on a salted egg sauce (just for the sake of trying it) but sadly, we didn't get it. Apparently something seems to be off with the sauce (I did see the staff preparing it, but later we was told that Salted Egg sauce were not available)
The Hazelnut Coffee is a pretty good choice, strong coffee aroma, not overly sweet but somehow it feels like the combo of Chocolate Waffle + Matcha Gelato + Coffee Sauce probably ain't the best match though. Overall, we feels that the topping was the star instead of the waffle or gelato.

As for the Charcoal Oolong tea, I find it very cool looking, black, greyish with the white part on top. I could just sit there and look at it whole day. As for the taste, there are slight hint of charred taste to it, other than that pretty bland, not much taste.

We went at about 1PM, which is lunch hour, so naturally there ain't much people in the shop. It was quiet and relaxing to be in here, the way we like it. Whispering, laughing softly, enjoying our dessert without too much noise.








!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Not really our cup of tea) 
TASTE :  (Loves the topping, but probably we chosen a bad combination) 
ENVIRONMENT :  (Beautiful, clean, relaxing)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (No problem with parking that day)
RETURN TO EAT : Maybe for other combination

date visited : 4th week of Sept 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Name : Waku Waku
Address : 53, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Facebook : Waku Waku Waffle
Operation hour : Monday off / Tuesday - Friday = 3PM to 11PM / Sat = 1PM to 12AM / Sun = 1PM to 11PM

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