Delicious Seafood Noodle @ Tmn Daya

Nowadays millennials all have their breakfast/lunch/brunch in some hipster cafe selling bread and eggs for RM50. We can't afford those, so we have to go jalan jalan rounding around Johor Bahru street to look for cheap food that can satisfy our tongue and tummy.

Wanted have minced pork mee at young-botak-from-555-Kopitiam-Tmn-Daya's new shop, but alas it is FULL HOUSE. We ended up somewhere near him, this shop has been around for a long time (at least 2-3 years from what I remembered)

Their signboard shouts 'SEAFOOD NOODLE'
I have been here once, 2 years ago, bought a takeaway BIG PRAWN MIHUN for my ladyboss, I remember it was pretty cheap as there were like 3-4 big prawns in it for sub RM20 (forget bout it, can't remember very well)

Right at the entrance of the shop is their display stall with menus, ingredients for us to choose.
A very intensive menu I would say, and ingredients are darn fresh. Why would I say so? The turnover of patrons are high, so for a place that sell fresh seafood, the more customer you have, the more you sell, the fresher your item will be.

Not being a fish guy myself (I can only differentiate Salmon and Tuna, that's all. Any other fish = fish to me). I ordered a seafood & pork mix with dry kuay teow + mee, while SHE ordered a Fish Slice Mihun. The fish slice set comes with 2 option, fried fish or 'fresh/raw fish'

Seafood Mix Pork soup
Photo 1 : Seafood Mix Pork soup

Contains of Seafood Mix Pork soup
Photo 2 : Contains of Seafood Mix Pork soup

There are few pricing for their Seafood Mix Pork Soup, RM9/12/16. I ordered the RM9 version which comes with A LOT OF ingredients already. It has, cuttlefish, pork meat, pork intestine, pork liver, handmade fishball (you can see and taste the fish meat yo~), fishcake slices.
For RM16 version, you'll get fish slices, prawns and some other premium seafood items (Lady Boss speaks a little too fast).
Each bowl are individually cooked, so it won't taste the same for Seafood Mix vs Fish Slice soup.
My Seafood Mix soup is very heavy bodied, umami some would call it. It has a very strong and prominent aroma of 'kang he kia' / Ikan Bilis / 江鱼仔 / Anchovy. The soup is SUPER SWEET (seafood sweetness), addictive (you will want to keep drinking it, now give me a straw please), not overly salty. But I don't see any kang he kia inside though. Hmmmm.

As a dry mee guy (干捞面), I will 99% order dry version even if the shop is famous for their soup version (just my thing okay?). Their dry version of mee is pretty basic, even comes in a tiny bowl, doesn't have the option of adding chilli. But hey, it doesn't taste bad, in fact it is quite good. The sauce reminds me of some of the stall that I used to have when I was young.

'Fresh/Raw' Fish Slice Soup
Photo 3 : 'Fresh/Raw' Fish Slice Soup 

Lousy model trying to showcase the mihun
Photo 4 : Lousy model trying to showcase the mihun

SHE ordered 'fresh/raw' fish slice mihun soup. It looks pretty basic, it cost RM11. WHAT??
But it is well worth it, why? There are tons of fish slice in it, though not visible on a glance. While eating, SHE says, there is more and more fish slice in it like. It keeps appearing out of nowhere. (DUH!!). 
The soup of fish slice soup is VERY DIFFERENT from the Seafood Mix Pork soup.
The soup is of a much more lighter bodied, a very clean, very fresh tasting soup with pickled vegetables. It is very well balanced, not too much of the pickled vegetable are added, it tastes just right.

Condiment oh condiment, my favourite sambal.
A word of caution, their cili padi is very HOT.
Didn't use these guys much expect when eating the pork liver (don't really like the taste, so cover it up with lots of chilli)

PSA (Public Service Announcement) : Delicious food has a price. Either the price tag is high or the waiting time is long. There is not such thing as cheap, good and fast. Even cooking at home need lots of preparation. 
I believe the waiting time for this place will be quite long as well if it is full house as I only saw 3 stove and 1 person in-charge of cooking (and each order are cooked individually)

It used to be an old uncle sipping his Heineken while cooking that are in-charge of cooking last time. Looks like he has passed the skills to his workers.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Not exactly 'cheap eats', paid about RM30 for 2 person brunch, got tons of fresh seafood and delicious soup) 
TASTE :  (Very much to our taste. Love the soup and freshness of the ingredients) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Air-conditioned, clean, A rating from MBJB)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Should be eay to park as there is quite a bit of parking spot)
RETURN TO EAT : Will do.

date visited : 1st week of Oct 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Name : Restoran Gan Heon (At the time of my visit signboard say GAN HEON, but all google search returns GAN HEONG)
Address : 34, Jln Sagu 15, Taman Daya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Facebook : Restoran Gan Heon
Operation Hour : Daily 8am to 8pm (according to Google)

Delicious Seafood Noodle @ Tmn Daya Delicious Seafood Noodle @ Tmn Daya Reviewed by Makan Minumla on October 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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