[Halal] Sambal Rice Bowl @ KFC Austin Perdana

Yada yada Rooomano Cheeeeseee ~~~
Yada yada KFC Sambal Rice Bowl ~~~

These 2 ads are probably the most played ads on #Hitz.fm now.

Been hearing these ads for a darn long time but didn't want to try it cause I beh song KFC (particularly the outlet at JB Clock Tower, long story short, bad service, not so good food, spoilt aircon on a hot day). 
Today, I gave in to the temptation, jalan jalan till I reach the new 24 hours drive-thru KFC at Mount Austin. Before I enter the outlet, I have no idea on the pricing, not sure if it is cheap good eat or expensive fast food meal.

Since it is early morning, of course makan their breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl lah.

Ads vs Real Life

All these fast food outlet has super pro photographer to shoot their menu, always looks damn power, but more than often, it is VERY DISAPPOINTING in real life. How will this Sambal Rice Bowl fares?
KFC ads for Sambal Rice Bowl
This is how it looks like on their advertisement (hitz.fm, i stole your photo cos you are the one that 'jampi' me to eat this)
Looks good, nicely done sunny side up, cucumbers on top of crunchy looking zinger chunks

Real Life Sambal Rice Bowl unopened
A bowl of surprise?
Wonder what did Santa gong-gong give this year.
Will it be a disappointment?

Sunny Side-up and Zinger Chunk of the Sambal Rice Bowl
Can't see the yolk, my favourite runny yolk!!
Cucumber, where art thou???

A layer full of Zinger Chunks (Sambal Rice Bowl)
A layer full of meat. Seems to have quite a bit of Zinger chunk.

Sambal underneath the zinger chunks (Sambal Rice Bowl)
A layer full of sambal. Still didn't see any cucumber.
The layer beneath it is the Colonel Rice.

Portion definitely ain't what their ads show with the rice screaming 'I want to jump out from the bowl right now' but enough as breakfast I guess. I did feel quite satisfied with the portion.
The zinger chunk has crispy skin, tender meat which do taste good to me after so long of abstinence from KFC.
The sambal is not overly spicy, stings a little now and then while eating. Has a very strong ginger taste from what I could feel. The portion of the sambal is also perfectly calculate I guess, ngam ngam enough for me to finish my bowl.

It cost RM7.90 for this Sambal Rice Bowl + Milo. RM5.90 for Sambal Rice Bowl ala-carte.
As for their MILO, WTF IS THIS MILO?? KFC, this is probably the blandest-est-est MILO I ever had in my whole life.
Is this the outlet problem or KFC as whole?

Another point on the service, as this outlet is VERY NEW, don't expect the staff to be well trained and perform their duties as fast as other outlet.
From my eye, they are all very new and definitely move VERY slow.

KFC Ordering Counter and menu display

TLDR ; Fast food styled Nasi Lemak Ayam with Sunny Side-up. Decently portioned, decent sambal @ RM5.90, pretty good deal. Could qualified as cheap good eat in Johor Bahru. Skip the Milo, it is tasteless AF.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (RM5.90,can we get nasi lemak ayam + egg from mamak with this?) 
TASTE :  (I like it pretty much) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Air-conditioned, clean new place, Sadly, staff are too new thus slow)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Limited parking, will be hard to get a parking in future)
RETURN TO EAT : If I can't think of what else to eat

date visited : 1st week of Oct 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Name : KFC 24hours Drive Thru @ Shell, Austin Perdana
Address : Lot PTD 119600, Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama, Taman Austin Perdana, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operation Hour : Daily 24 hours

The new 24 hour drive thru KFC @ Shell, Austin Perdana

[Halal] Sambal Rice Bowl @ KFC Austin Perdana [Halal] Sambal Rice Bowl @ KFC Austin Perdana Reviewed by Makan Minumla on October 04, 2017 Rating: 5

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