Disappointing Thai Fish Burger @ McD Senai Airport

I don't want to be 'sua ku', so today I give up on 'jalan jalan and look for good cheap eats in Johor Bahru'.
Happened to be nearby Senai Airport, went in the McDonalds nearby to try the HYPED KAO KAO SAWADEE KAP Thai themed menu.

Thai Fish Burger

Thai Fish Burger huge Bunting
Saw this huge bunting outside the McD, so the secret thai themed menu is Fish Burger with Green Curry Sauce with the word 'Spicy'
Now, I love Thai food, I love Spicy Food, I love McD Fillet-o-Fish (Tender fish fillet, 2 bite can finish, super fast food)
Set of Thai Fish Burger

Set of Thai Fish Burger
This is what you get if you purchased the regular set for this Thai Fish Burger.
The burger + criss cut fries + Fanta Grape all for RM16. Cheap? Not exactly.
Let's open up the box and reveal the burger first shall we?

Ugly AF Thai Fish Burger
GAW-DANG-IT, always get some ugly looking burger. You guys know why McD's Facebook page doesn't allow users to post photo in their page or comments? Because of products like this.
Korean Burger, Syok Burger and this Thai Burger, non of the burger I bought LOOK presentable.
All 3 at different outlets in case you are wondering.

WTF is this shitty looking burger
After taking away the bun, it is even more sad. It looks like the burger just got ran over by a truck?
The freaking Green Curry Sauce? Tiny little bit at the corner.
Great Job #McDonalds Malaysia, lai, limbeh clap for you.

How now? Continue review?
Still have to eat it right? Paid already, not like McDonalds sponsor me for this lousy burger.

It does smell like green curry, it has the strong aroma of basil. 
IF you remembered, the sauce in my burger is only TINY WEENSY BIT at the corner, so more than 80% of my bites are without the sauce. And when I finally reach the part with the sauce.
MEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH, not 'SPICY' at all, it does have a sharp quick sting on my first bite, but nothing after that. It does taste like Thai Green Curry, not very strong, but you know that it is green curry taste.
Overall,a little bit better than the not-so-yummy-another-waste-of-money Korean Spicy Burger (I have no idea how to describe how that sauce taste like) that were introduced not long ago.
The fish fillet is tender, melts in mouth, due to the lack of sauce, it feels like I was eating Fillet-o-Fish.
After finish the burger, which happen in matters of minutes, I was slowly enjoying my tasteless but super crispy criss-cut fries and sipping on the Fanta Grape.

Probably this is the only bad review of this Thai Fish Burger that you can find in the whole world lah as I can see the whole internet is going crazy with this invention from McD. 

IMsdHO (In my super duper humble opinion) Samurai Pork Burger still the best burger from McD that I have tasted, but got to fly to Thailand for that though.

2nd attempt on this Thai Fish Burger @ Nusa Bestari McD

The staff here has a more steady hand it seems, the sauce are properly added to the burger. 
Decent quantity too. This time WE get to taste the sauce with every other bite on the burger.
Also, the fish fillet here is REALLY CRISPY on the outside, but not as tender in the inside.
9999x more crispy than what I had at the Senai McD. 

Still don't like, doesn't seems to go well together, the sauce, fish fillet and burger. Sauce does give out some green curry taste or I should say, the signature basil presence, other than that, meh, not spicy.

Even with 1 for 1 promo that will come soon so that they can clear stock and launch another weird burger, I will not try it again.

Do continue browse through our blog for more articles on good cheap eats and food around Johor Bahru. There are bound be to some delicious food that you will love. Or maybe you can find some info on where to avoid :D
Disappointing Thai Fish Burger @ McD Senai Airport Disappointing Thai Fish Burger @ McD Senai Airport Reviewed by Makan Minumla on October 06, 2017 Rating: 5

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