Beef Rawon (Javanese Black Beef Soup) @ Tmn Pelangi

There is this one particular half sized shop that I have noticed for quite some time while jalan jalan looking for cheap good eats around Johor Bahru, Never had the chance to try it as I always miss their operation hour.
Today finally got to try it after some very frustrated driving around. A certain shop nearby decide that it is a brilliant idea to use cones and block ALL available parking spot nearby for their own benefits.
After turning for 3 round, lim beh buay tahan liao, I came down from the car and took away one of the cone.
Beef Rawon with Rice
Menu for their main course are pretty simple, just a few items available, all are Indonesian Cuisine, feeling ballsy, I ordered something I have never tried before. BEEF RAWON with Rice.

Main course selection
In their menu, they explained Rawon as slow cooked Javanese Beef Soup

Beef rawon - Javanese Black Beef Soup

Decent amount of beef chunks in it
When it was served to me, I immediately says 'ah, long time didn't have sup kambing and sup ekor liao'.
It looks like, smells like, feels like sup kambing or sup ekor that I occasionally have it at mamak stalls.
The soup is very aromatic, there were quite a bit of fried shallots and some coriander garnishes which I loves to have them in my soup. The soup has a very strong and rich beef taste to it.
The beef chunks in the soup are tender, easy to bite, not those ultra lean beef meat that feels like chewing gum.
This is my first try with 'Rawon', so I totally have no idea if it is authentic Javanese style or not, but I can definitely says that I truly enjoy this meal here.
I almost emptied the bowl of soup.

Rice + salted egg + crackers + SAMBAL
On the rice plate, I was also given a wedge of lime, which I didn't use it, I finished the salted egg and the crackers. The salted egg make this meal even more interesting, I was alternating between soup + rice then beef chunk + sambal then to salted egg + rice so makes me feel 'warm aromatic soup + rice then spicy sourish beef chunk and then salty bites of rice then back to warm aromatic soup + rice'
I sneak in some bites of crackers here and there.
The sambal are those ayam penyet kind of sambal, perfectly pounded, a little too not enough spicy for me, a little sourish / zesty taste from the lime , not really sweet, doesn't reek of belacan, in other words is a very well balance sambal just that it is not spicy enough for me.

Due to the good sambal, I'll be back soon to try their Ayam Penyet and Soto Ayam.
Also mainly due to the environment, well, I was there pretty late so the place is pretty quiet, the music playing in the background is relaxing. Truly enjoy my 20 minutes here.

Very nice cafe setting

Various Cakes

Cookies available as well
Some shots of interior and yes, they serve cakes and cookies too, as well as coffee.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Cost me about RM17 for this meal, not cheap but I find it worth every single cent) 
TASTE :  (No complains. Oh, there is one. Sambal could be more spicy) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Air-conditioned, very clean place. Quiet and very relaxing music)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (If their neighbour hogs all the parking spot. It is hard to get parking)
RETURN TO EAT : Will be back to try everything in their menu. Serious.

date visited : 1st week of Oct 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Address : No 40, Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, 80400, Johor Bahru, Johor (next to Massage Shop and Indian Barber)
Phone : 07-336 5568
Operation Hour : Daily 11am to 9pm (Close on Sunday)

Beef Rawon (Javanese Black Beef Soup) @ Tmn Pelangi Beef Rawon (Javanese Black Beef Soup) @ Tmn Pelangi Reviewed by Makan Minumla on October 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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