First try with Tuaran Mee @ Taman Daya

Where to eat dinner around Taman Daya / Mount Austin ?
Where got cheap good eats/food around Austin area ??
W H E R E !!!!!!!

Honestly, I round quite a bit around Taman Daya, wondering what to eat at 8.15pm. Drove past Jln Sagu, saw a shop that I have seen few times but didn't dare to try (Well, never seen people post about it on Facebook and always quite empty).
Today, I decided to give it a try. Went in, sat down on a table that has menu already on table. Something caught my eye.

S A B A H  -  T U A R A N  -  M E E
S A B A H  -  T U A R A N  -  M E E
S A B A H  -  T U A R A N  -  M E E

Tuaran Mee menu - RM8.80

*ahem* I believe that I have actually tried this dish when I was in Sabah long long time ago. Probably too drunk to remember eating it. Don't remember much time of being sober while I was there (what a sad visit)

So there is 2 version of Tuaran Mee in this shop, 'original' and Cantonese style, which has some gravy, something like 'wa tan hor'. I acted like a Tuaran Mee pro and ordered the Original (though I have no idea how it should taste like at all)

Tuaran Mee and sambal

The meat on the tuaran mee looks good right?
Does it looks like the one in the menu? I think it is pretty close, much closer if compared with MacDonald's advertisement or menu.

Fried Meat

Fried Meat on top of the mee and an egg
The first impression I got when they serve me the dish.
'Eh, maciam the fried mee I cooked at home using instant mee minus the greens and meat on top'

Though it looks very simple, but the urge of eating it is very strong.
It is very very fragrant, those meat on top rouse my curiosity (dying to know how it taste like).
After some poking around, I found out that Tuaran Mee are usually topped with char siew or fried hakka spring roll, But the meat on top of this Tuaran Mee definitely is not Char Siew, it does have some sweetness that resemble char siew, but more like pork cook with just sesame oil and oyster sauce. Very simple, but fragrant and very yummy.
As for the mee, it is kinda springy, very eggy, nice to bite, aromatic, once you start, you can't stop,
If you noticed the chilli that it comes with, that saucer is filled with sambal belacan that goes PERFECTLY with this fried mee.

Any Sabahan want to try this out and let us know how authentic this is?
Authenticity aside, it is tasty for me.
I will be back soon to try the Cantonese version.

Tried their Cantonese version of Tuaran Mee and also Curry Chicken.

As expected, it looks like wat tan hor (滑旦河) which translate to 'Smooth Egg Noodle' from Cantonese. Taste and feel like we are eating crispy fried noodle. The crispiness can't be compared with Xiang Di Mi Fen but the Tuaran Mee is a little crispy and have a very nice charred smell to it. The gravy has a very strong aroma and taste of egg. A little sweetness to it, not overly salty, cooked together with pork meat, fish cake slices, greens just like usual wat tan hor.

Paired it with their sambal, guess what you get? Empty plate in seconds.

Now, it is going to be damn hard to choose between the fried Tuaran Mee or 'Cantonese' version. I like both. Cantonese version will be a great comfort food when it rains. 

We also ordered a curry chicken rice for HER. Pretty generous portion. Lots of chicken meats that we ended up fighting on who should eat those meat.
Their curry chicken is perfect for STAR ANISE (八角) lover. I hate Star Anise so I didn't take much of the curry. Their curry is pretty thick, not overly spicy, at the right level, aromatic (with Star Anise taste).

A lot customer orders their 'steamboat' thingy, will be back to try that.

Also if anyone wants to buy the Tuaran Mee, they are selling it for RM0.90 per piece (minimum 10 piece), made locally in Johior Bahru.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? : ♥ (Not overly expensive. Sub RM10) 
TASTE : ♥ (Springy and eggy noodle, nicely done meat, the belacan. Everything just goes well together) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Decent place, clean, looks kinda new for a 1yr + establishment)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Lot's of parking around during nighttime)
RETURN TO EAT : Will be back very soon to try the Cantonese version

date visited : 3rd week of Sept 2017
date visited : 4th week of Sept 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Restaurant name: 林家美食馆 Restaurant
Address: No 24. Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor
Facebook : Facebook Link
Telephone : 011-1079 1162

The shop frontage

First try with Tuaran Mee @ Taman Daya First try with Tuaran Mee @ Taman Daya Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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