Found a Sarawak Laksa @ Harimau Tarum

Always been craving for Sarawak Laksa, the must eat food when we go to Borneo, but the few stall that I know of are too far from me (like the one at Tampoi). Along Jalan Harimau Tarum, the row of shop across the road from Plaza Pelangi with a lot of money changer. Yes yes, that particular row.
Just few shop away from those money changer, before the Ocean Net cybercafe is a new kopitiam. WANG WANG Kopitiam

The very first stall at the front sells Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, Wan Tan Mee etc.
This is actually my 2nd visit, I find that the taste is pretty similar with those of Sarawak kopitiam, pretty generic/authentic Sarawak Laksa taste (Not like we can find some very special one here)

Sarawak Laksa is not like our usual Foon Yew Laksa / Water Work Laksa / Yew Swee Laksa.
Sarawak Laksa gravy is more of erm, belacan, less of santan hints of lime juice, overall it is a very robust gravy with a lot of ingredients and spices.

Sarawak Laksa are normally topped with prawns, chicken and eggs

And not to forget lime and sambal belacan

Sarawak Laksa are normally topped with chicken shreds, prawns, omelette strips some taugeh and and corianders. And not to forget extra belacan at the side with half a lime. I will squeeze half of the lime into the gravy and the balance into the belacan. 

At RM6 for the Sarawak Laksa, I find it pretty reasonable as the serving is quite big. There were quite a big of chicken chunks in the bown of laksa that I had, with 2 prawns, quite a big of omelette strips.

Ah, the best of the best part about this stall. Their operation hour is crazily long. From lunch till midnight 12AM. Practically, anytime when we are in town, wanna have a bowl of Sarawak Laksa, we can just go over.

This stall have Kolo Mee, Wan Tan Mee as well
Manned by 2 ladies and they are open from lunch till MIDNIGHT 12AM

Char Siew from next stall, cost me RM6
** Extra, verdict scoring exclude this **
Ordered some char siew from the next stall, and it cost me RM6 for this. OMG 

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (RM6 for this comfort food which is kind rare in JB) 
TASTE : ♥ (Yeah, it taste good, but still over Sarawak has the best S'wak Laksa) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Very new and clean kopitiam)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Don't think it'll be easy to get parking during the day time)
RETURN TO EAT : Sure, one of the best comfort food during rainy days

date visited : 2nd week of Sept 2017

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Name : WANG WANG Kopitiam (right next to Ocean Net Cafe)

Address : Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Operation Hour : Morning till midnight

WANG WANG Kopitiam @ Century Garden

Found a Sarawak Laksa @ Harimau Tarum Found a Sarawak Laksa @ Harimau Tarum Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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