Sarawak Kolo Mee @ SuriaMas, Larkin

Any Sarawak Kolo Mee lover? 

As we jalan jalan looking for good cheap eats around Johor Bahru. We happen to stumble upon a VERY small eatery at the shoplots of SuriaMas Apartment @ Larkin, Johor Bahru (behind Bomba, infront of AhKua street). This particular shop is located at the newer row of shop which is facing the Primary School / Seasons Luxury Apartment

A very quiet, unassuming shop that serve very fragrant Kolo Mee.

They have RED and BLACK version, according to the lady boss, BLACK version is Soy Sauce version and RED are actually the "chap" (sauce) from Char Siew. RED version will be slightly sweet and more fragrant compared to the BLACK version.

The Kolo Mee are accompanied by some Char Siew, minced meat and meatball. (oh, there are lards hidden at the bottom).

Have yet to try the BLACK version, the RED version are as what the lady boss said, it is slightly sweet and it has a very fragrant taste that complements the "q q" (springy) Kolo Mee very well,

Apart from Kolo Mee, they serve a variety of other mee, chee cheong fun, economy rice/mee as well.

Most of the other patrons you'll see in the shop are residents of the apartment and you'll hear them talking to each another like long lost friend.

'Red' Kolo Mee, where the colours are from Char Siew sauce
Accompanied by some charsiew, minced meat and hidden lard at the bottom of the mee.
** picture by yours truly **

Minced meat, char siew, a bowl of soup with meat ball with the Kolo Mee @ RM5
RM5 for this, well, it is the market price now.
** picture by yours truly **

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (RM5 for small serving, market price) 
TASTE :  (I like it alot) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥♥ (Can be quite noisy sometimes, depending on who is there)
ACCESSIBILITY  : ♥♥♥ (Either you double park or your car be blocked by double parker)
RETURN TO EAT : Yeah, if around that area and couldn't think of anything else.

date visited :: Sometime July & September 2017

They serve various other food too
** picture by yours truly **

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Address : Newer row of shop of SuriaMas Apartment, Larkin, Johor

Operation Hour : 7.30am till about 5pm

Restoran Meng Heng @ Suriamas Apartment, Larkin
Frontage of the shop. MENG HENG RESTAURANT
** picture by yours truly **

Might not be really visible from main road as it is blocked by the overhead pedestrian bridge
It is directly aligned with the overhead bridge. Facing Seasons Luxury Apartment
** picture by yours truly **

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