[HALAL] Pisang Goreng CHEEEESSSEEEEE @ Jln Kasawari (Larkin Jaya)

Drove past this area with a Malay friend sometime last week, saw a long queue at this particular roadside stall. Was told that they sell some sick snacks.


Was not in the mood that time, so just drove past. Decided to come back and try few days later.
Family run roadside stall with various local kuihs, nasi, kerepok lekor, kerepek, etc.

Now, the other food can wait ok. Let's jump straight to the CHEEEEEESEEEE. 
*Ahem* Pisang Goreng Cheese.

pisang, kerepek, pisang, kerepek
Pisang Goreng, Kerepek

other snacks that they sell too
Some other stuff like keropok lekor, nasi, kuih kuihs bla bla bla

pisang goreng in, choco sauce starts to rain

Firstly, RM3 worth of Pisang Goreng are all dumped in the plastic ta-pao box.
Then some chocolate sauce are drizzled on it

too much choco rain and it starts to flood
Erm, I mean A LOT of chocolate sauce are drizzle on it. Well, I think it is chocolate sauce....

cheese being grated
Then cheese are being grated over those choco sauce. More yeah more yeah dont stopp, keeeeep geerraaaattttiiiiing it.
After finish grating the cheese. CONDENSED MILK are poured on top of those cheese.. OMG!!!!!

chocolate rice are added AFTER condensed milk are added on top of the cheese sinful .... sweet, crunchy Pisang Goreng Cheese
Lastly, chocolate rice are garnished on top of the pisang-goreng-that-are-covered-in-choco-sauce-and-grated-cheese-which-are-then-covered-with-condensed-milk

Wuulala, mamamiya,andelehandeleh, yeee haa yeeee haaaa
This super duper overloaded with sweetness snacks actually does taste pretty good (provided you have sweet tooth okay?)
The pisang goreng is CRUNCHY, piping hot and taste very good. I believe even the normal version with just sambal kicap is a heavenly snacks
Top with all those sauces, cheese, chocolate rice, confirm-chop-sign, it is VERY sweet, you have been warned!!!!
!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (RM5 for this sick combo of pisang goreng) 
TASTE : ♥ (Sweetness from those sauce and chocolate rice, cheese with crunchy & hot pisang goreng. HEAVENLY) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥♥ (Roadside stall, don't expect much k?)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Not hard to find, infront of Maslee, can just park by the roadside or empty plot of land next to it)
RETURN TO EAT : Hell yeah, but will try other stall pisang goreng cheese first

date visited : 2nd week of Sept 2017

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Name : Pisang Goreng Cheese @ Larkin Jaya

Address : Jalan Kasawari, Larkin Jaya 80350 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operation Hour : Afternoon till evening

How the place looks like via Google Map
** Image from Google Map, I don't own this **

[HALAL] Pisang Goreng CHEEEESSSEEEEE @ Jln Kasawari (Larkin Jaya) [HALAL] Pisang Goreng CHEEEESSSEEEEE @ Jln Kasawari (Larkin Jaya) Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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