Tried the Pandan Mee @ Ho Seng Kee

We jalan jalan look look see see for cheap good eats at Johor Bahru until we reached CitySquare.
Boh la, went there jalan jalan see mooncake fair and also to have our brunch. Since we are already here, might as well as try the legendary Ho Seng Kee wan tan mee.
Yes, it's our first try, we have never try it before despite being Johorean and this is one of the most famous name (yes, laugh all you want please).

This 'new' Ho Seng Kee is located at the top floor (6th Floor), outdoor part. Directly in front of the modern foodcourt, DapurKita, of CitySquare.

Nicely decorated, big big signboard on the outside. Looks very much like a cafe instead of a wan tan mee place.

It was full house when we reach at about 12.30PM, waiter politely asked if we can share table with others. And also very politely ask the patron who were eating alone if we could share her table.

Went through the menu, I decided on dumpling (prawn) mee while SHE decided to try PANDAN mee (something different)

The pandan mee came like this, no option of black sauce or spicy sauce. Just plain original sauce. It comes together with a small bowl of soup, but there is nothing in the soup. We were wondering about the wan tan. WHERE ART THOU!!!!!

After poking the mee around, we realized the wan tan is hidden under the mee. Luckily didn't shout at the waiters, or else damn sia suey.

After trying few bites with the pandan mee, we were asking each another 'Eh, got pandan taste meh?'.
It ends up with 'you look at me, I look at you'. Eat loh. The original sauce is very light tasting, reminds me of Kolo Mee original sauce, taste of lards, sesame oil or shallot oil, tiny bit of light soy sauce.

The wan tan is good, very good, the meat are finely minced and wrapped very compactly within the wan tan skin. Very bite on the wan tan sure satisfy you.

Still, after finish it, SHE still can't find the pandan except for the color of the noodle which is greenish. I had my fair share of 'green' noodles in Kuching, Spinach Noodle, those not only are green in color, but also taste of Spinach, but this, erm, nothing Pandan-ly to us.

Since the price of the wan tan mee here is no where close to 'cheap', I also splurge a little more la, order a set of dumpling mee (black & spicy sauce) + fried wan tan + otak-otak + Ice Jelly Drink for RM19.

Homemade mee, egg based mee and it is flat, kinda like very thin mee pok. I love the texture, how it feels and taste when I took a bite. SHE don't like it though, she says 'I don't like the sauce, not nice to me, prefer HW's sauce'. 
I do agree on the sauce part, but the noodle itself sure is much better than Hai Wei's. And I didn't do a good job mixing the sauce and chilli, it was not evenly mixed, the last few bite is where all the chilli are, and boy, it is spicy!

The otak-otak that comes together with the set is good, but the fried wan tan is a total disappointment. The skin is too thick, not crunchy, infact a bit too erm, soggy? Can't think of a proper word. The soup version of wan tan is like 9999x better. 
Ofcos my favourite Hai Wei's fried wan tan is also much better.

Nearly forgot about the star of the dish. Prawn Dumpling, apart from the minced meat that are in wan tan, there is additional prawn in it. WHOLE PRAWN.

Very, very, utterly disappointed with these green little friends.
Sour too much. Crunchy no have. Way too spicy.
The chilli is not crunchy at all, taste VERY sourish and little too spicy. 

So this brunch cost us, RM19 (Wan Tan Mee set B with Ice Jelly) + RM10.60 (Pandan Mee Chinese Tea set). Total damage RM29.60, still cheaper than those 'western brunch' place that is popping up like mushroom, but for wan tan mee, this is PREMIUM pricing.

Definitely not CHEAP eats, but for the price that we pay;
1) Aircon-ed shop in premium shopping centre
2) Wan Tan and Prawn Dumpling is full of meat
3) Homemade noodle is indeed good
4) Service is very good, waiter/waitress are polite, can't get this kind of service in kopitiam
5) Brand name

Pretty good eat, the most premium wan tan mee in Johor Bahru, but is it worth it? To each his own I guess. Their target market ain't people like me to begin with. 

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? : ♥ (EXPENSIVE, but somehow they tried to give the best value we can get, the number of wan tan, dumpling, serving size) 
TASTE : ♥ (The noodle itself, wan tan, dumpling are good) 
ENVIRONMENT :  (5 star la. Aircon, clean, friendly and polite service crew)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Parking can be a big problem sometimes in Citysquare.)
RETURN TO EAT : Your treat? I can't afford it.

date visited : 3rd week of Sept 2017

Location map as below.

Restaurant name: Ho Seng Kee 
Address: Level 6, Citysquare Shopping Center, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru
Facebook : Facebook Link
Hours: 10:00am to 9:00pm

Tried the Pandan Mee @ Ho Seng Kee Tried the Pandan Mee @ Ho Seng Kee Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 25, 2017 Rating: 5

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