[HALAL] Mee Soto @ JB Downtown

Any early birds here?
This time we jalan jalan EARLY in the morning looking for cheap and good breakfast in Johor Bahru.
This place is located at town center, not the Jalan Wong Ah Fook town center, somewhere very near there. The stretch of Saint Joseph primary school (Sekolah Kebangsaan St Joseph) / SIGS (Sultan Ismail Girl School) / Rumah Kediaman Menteri Besar @ Saujana.

It looks kind of like those illegal roadside stall, but hey, it is beside the official residence of Johor's MB. How could it be illegal? But to park our car for breakfast, *ahem* road side parking *ahem*

Mi Hun Soto

This place is actually famous of a lot of their food, Nasi Lemak berlauk, lontong kering/basah and something I personally love, Mee / Mihun Soto

Shredded Chicken, Bean Sprouts, Begedil

Almost every other customer are having nasi lemak or lontong but I ordered my preferred dish. Like how every other people on earth loves Apple iPhone 8 or X but I prefer some cheap unknown China branded Android Phone.

Early in the morning, the weather is so cooling, a good bowl of mi hun soto + powerful sambal kicap is definitely a better choice right?

A short introduction to Mee Soto is needed I guess. Soto originates from Indonesia, a traditional soup consisr of broth, veggies and meats, but to me, it is another word for soup.
The broth are spiced chicken soup powered by turmeric / galangal. Normally light or yellowish in color. 

As you can see from the photo, the soup broth are not as clear/light/yellowish as some other place. The color seems like some soy sauce has already been added in. The broth taste very well balanced, you can taste the sweetness of the chicken broth, the spices and not overly salty.

Sambal Kicap Pedas Manis
No soto is complete with this evil looking black sauce. They goes by a lot of name, Sambal Kicap, sambal kicap pedas, sambal kicap pedas manis, sambal kicap manis. They taste good on SOTO or Pisang Goreng, Ayam Goreng, practically anything you dare to try it with. The Japanese are crazy with Ajinomoto, American are crazy with Japanese-made Kewpie Mayonnaise. I am crazy with Sambal Kicap Pedas Manis. 

What is mi hun soto without the sambal?

Normally I'll add in minimum of 2 teaspoon (usually the container of the sambal kicap comes with teaspoon). It adds in a spicy kick to the aromatic and sweet broth. Turning my appetite up a notch.

By adding in the sambal kicap, it makes the mi hun soto that comes with shrreded chicken, taugeh (bean sprouts), spring onion and Begedil (fried potato patty, the round fried thingy near my sambal) taste twice better. 

Ends up with a clean bowl
Proof? Nothing left, If i had a straw, I'll suck everything clean.

Menu and pricing

Variety of dishes to choose from
 As I had mentioned earlier, apart from Soto, they sell Nasi Lemak berlauk (which means Nasi Lemak with a lot of evil companions that you can add in) Lontong Kering / Basah. 

Rustic kampung feels

Rustic kampung feels
It feels very kampung here. I love this kind of atmosphere. It reduces our stress level by 2454320 percent. They is normally a queue for their nasi lemak/lontong. Patrons queue up to pick their dishes be it those eating here or taking away. Table might all be occupied too, but fret not, just tumpang (share table) with some other patrons la. 

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? : ♥ (Not expensive, not cheap, for a 'kampung stall, would expecta cheaper price right? But don't forget this is at town center yo!) 
TASTE : ♥ (Soto is lovely, comfort food to chase away Mon-Tues-Wed-till-Sun blues) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Rustic kampung roadside stall but don't worry, the place is pretty clean)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (It is by the mainroad. We can only park by the main road illegally)
RETURN TO EAT : Confirmed!!!

date visited : 4th week of Sept 2017

Shop Frontage & Location map as below.

Name : Mughni Saujana Cafe aka Warung Sebelah Rumah MB
Address : 8, Jalan Abdul Rahman Andak, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operation Hour : 7am onwards (off on Friday)

Located right by the road

Located right by the road
The photo might not be very clear on where it is, but just follow your GPS, once you see the Saujana MB official residence, it is right next to it

[HALAL] Mee Soto @ JB Downtown [HALAL] Mee Soto @ JB Downtown Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 28, 2017 Rating: 5

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