Mee Jawa @ Tmn Abad (Century Garden)

Most of us should have tried and loves Mee Rebus.
Or atleast heard of Mee Rebus Stulang bah? It is like an iconic name for JB good eats.

How about Mee Jawa?
Heard of it or tasted it?

Well, I didn't knew about 'Mee Jawa' until I visited Borneo. It is like a staple-every-kopitiam-must-have-stall over there. And usually operated by Indonesian auntie. And I had it for breakfast every other day while I was at that side of the country.

* teleports back to JB *

Oh, I happen to saw a stall in Marmolada foodcourt (大家胜美食中心) which sell this dish.
Without a second thought, I ordered it since it has been quite a while since I last ate it.

brethen of Mee Rebus, this is Mee Jawa
From first glance, you probably can't see the difference, eh?

What's the big deal with this mee Jawa thingy? Ain't it just Mee Rebus?
Well, actually it is same same but different. The ingredients differ a little for both dish, the way it is prepared, and ultimately, the taste and the feel of both dish is quite different.

Our Mee Rebus in JB (prepared by Malays) usually have VERY THICK gravy.
While Mee Jawa (most of the one that I had) gravy is actually quite watery if compared with Mee Rebus gravy. Mee Jawa gravy has a very distinctive slight sourish taste (tomato)

looks almost the same but their taste is totally different

Though not exactly how it looks like the Sarawak version that I normally have. BUT the gravy do taste very similar, using tomato as their base. The gravy is not as thick as Mee Rebus and with slight sourish taste, we won't feel 'jelak' easily.  

The board says Org Penang
This is the stall that sell the Mee Jawa, directly infront of the D-vee-D stall

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? : ♥♥ (RM7 for this, I do find it quite expensive. Cost only RM3/4 at Sarawak) 
TASTE : ♥ (Yeah, it do taste good enough for me) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (Usually foodcourt environment with tons of people around)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Praying a little before reaching helps if you need parking)
RETURN TO EAT : When my craving for Mee Jawa visits me, yeah, I'll be back here for sure

date visited : 2nd week of Sept 2017

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Thanks to Google Satellite, this is how Marmolada Foodcourt looks like

Name : Org Penang Asam Laksa @ Marmolada foodcourt (大家胜美食中心)

Address : Jalan Harimau, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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