[HUNT] Packet Nasi Lemak around Johor Bahru

Being a Malaysian, I love Nasi Lemak, I love Nasi Lemak in packets even more.
Who doesn't? It is kinda like a Xmas present, you don't know what exactly is inside untl you have your first bite. Is the sambal spicy? Or is it sweet? Or has it gone bad. LOL
I'll be updating this page whenever I find new kopitiam or roadside stall with packet nasi lemak.

The top section (slightly below here) is where I'll list out the Nasi Lemak according to my 'suka'-ness ranking. Clicking on it will either bring you further down this page or a new page (If that particular kopitiam/restaurant has other good eats)

List of nasi lemak found (Updated 12/9/17)


Looks like the stacks of Xmas present below Xmas tree right?

Open it up and you get fragrant Nasi Lemak + Sambal

Nasi Lemak bungkus in banana leaf

Most of the RM1.50 or RM2 nasi lemak only comes with a quarter of boiled egg

[HUNT] Packet Nasi Lemak around Johor Bahru [HUNT] Packet Nasi Lemak around Johor Bahru Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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