Halloween Horror Night 7 (2017) @ USS

Today we jalan jalan cross the causeway, not to find good cheap eats.
Somehow, anyhow, managed to get a pass for Halloween Horror Nights 7 trade preview.

Get to experience the need of using thumb print verification when entering Singapore. (Still pretty fine, only driver need to thumbprint, added 2 minutes to the journey).
But sibeh kanna suay, when exiting, they were doing exercise for 'EVERYONE-GET-DOWN-YOUR-BLOODY-CAR-AND-GIVE-ME-YOUR-10-FINGERS-THUMBPRINT' 
A damn good 40 minutes wait at Tuas 2nd Link at 1am!!!

Ok rants finished. Doesn't have much to say about this HHN7, as I have been to quite a few HHN, it is like Apple iPhone launch, same old thing, packaged in a new shiny wrapper and you-know-it.


HHN7 VIP tag
VIP tag, really VIP service, we got a tour guide that bring us around and explain the back story of each haunted house.

Decors at food station

Decors at food station

Burger with charcoal bun

Choice of duck or chicken meat

It is made of ginger

Stuffs that we took

Before we start our tour, RWS belanja us buffet dinner at Discovery Foodcourt. As expected, there is no 'normal' looking food. They have to make it looks like it come our from some witch cauldron.
Food taste pretty decent, but nothing to shout about it.

One of the scare zone

Instead of happy holiday, they give us happy horror days
Is stead of happy holiday, they give us happy horror days.

Basically this scare zone are themed after 'Holidays'. You can find horrified Valentine's, New Year, Christmas, CNY celebration in here.

There is another scare zone called the Pilgrimage of Sin, but it was too dark to take any photo with my pariah China made Android. Sorry.

One of the 2 shows for the event, Slice of Life Tour by Slit Face Girls.
Singing, dancing, a very very short drama. The sounds system are very very powerful. The bass is strong.

A short highlight of another show, Laboratorium, I love this show alot. It is very entertaining, funny, jaw dropping. Most important, it is air-conditioned!!!

There are total of 5 haunted house this year, but due to their 'no photography' policy, I don't have any photos of the haunted house.
Is it scary? Yes and no. It depends on who you are with actually. Also for someone that been to like 3-4 HHN, I can almost guess where those ghost are popping out from.

Took us about 4 and half hour to finish the VIP tour. Imagine without express ticket, so guys please remember to buy your express ticket.
For a cheaper than door price, buy online now from http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/tickets
Alternatively, we do have tickets for sale too.

After the HHN, we did went makan la.

Anyone can guess what this is?
Should be pretty simple right? 12AM, Bak Chor Mee Sua.

Halloween Horror Night 7 (2017) @ USS Halloween Horror Night 7 (2017) @ USS Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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