Probably the best WAN TAN MEE in Johor Bahru

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Do you love WAN TAN MEE? 
Do you love GOOD wan tan mee? 
Do you love 水饺 ? Fried Wan Tan? Fried Wan Tan Skin??? 
Eat while ogling at lenglui??
probably the best wan tan mee in Johor Bahru you can find during night time

If you answer YES to any of above, you must read till the end.

Along Jalan Abiad (the row where the famous Bangkok Spa are located), there exist a Wan Tan Mee stall which only starts operating from 9pm onwards (It used to be midnight before this, they have move forward their operation time).

Forget about Ah Piaw Wan Tan Mee (which I personally, won't go no matter how much I crave for wan tan mee). Introducing HAI WEI Wan Tan Mee. They started operation like 3 yrs back. Got a sudden surge of customer sometime last year. 

They have DRY and SOUP version of Wan Tan Mee / Mee Pok bla bla bla.
Their DRY version again have 2 different types. DARK and WHITE (pretty self explanatory yeah?)
So basically when you are ordering, it'll be like, ' I want WTM, Small, Black, Spicy '

Apart from Wan Tan Mee, they also have 水饺 (dumpling) Mee. Guess the difference. Winner gets to buy me a meal.
水饺 Mee will not have Wan Tan as 水饺 replace the Wan Tan (lol)

Their 水饺 is GAWD DAMN GOOOOD (in the past. Now it is a little bit smaller than before)
It is full of fillings, each bite is crunchy. Btw, it is made by themself in their shop, so freshness = chop sign. The same goes for their wan tan.

Char Siew, greens, Fried Wan Tan Skin on top of each serving of Wan Tan Mee
Example of their Wan Tan Mee, this is '小-黑-辣' (Small-Black-Spicy)
** picture by yours truly **

Ofcourse, a bowl of soup with wan tan / dumpling depends on what you ordered
** picture by yours truly **
Each bowl of soup comes with 3 wan tan
IF you ordered their 水饺 mee, then you won't get these 3 tiny wan tan. 
** picture by yours truly **

Or 3 dumplingFull of fillings, it has prawn in it yooo
 IF you ordered their 水饺 mee, then you will be getting these yummylicious 水饺
** picture by yours truly **

These green chilli are the boooomb. Crunchy, fresh, a little sourish
Please pay attention to these GREEN guys. They ARE SUPERRRRLY GOOD. Crunchy, fresh, I can easily wallop 2-3 servings before the mee reach me.
** picture by yours truly **

One of the available side order, fried wan tan skin
Extra side orders of wan tan skin. Small portion is RM2 if not mistaken. You can also order fried wan tan, extra wan tan soup or 水饺 as side
** picture by yours truly **

If you LOVE to burn your own tongue with spice, ask for chilli powder
Another star of the shop. If you are a spicy freak like me. Add in 1 tablespoon of these Thai chilli flakes into your mee. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
** picture by yours truly **

Go ahead and try this place. Then you let us know if this is the best wan tan mee in JB.

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Definitely not the cheapest but for the taste, it is worth it) 
TASTE :  (I love it alot) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥♥ (Can be quite noisy sometimes, depending on who is there)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (Usually there are parking along the roadside except super peak timing)

date visited :: every other week

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Hai Wei Wan Tan Mee @ Jln Abiad
** picture by yours truly **

Address : 68 , Jalan Abiad , Taman Tebrau Jaya, 80400 Johor Bahru
Contact : 019-755 9355 
Operation Hour : 9.00pm till sold out 

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