Claypot Chicken Rice @ Heng Gan

Day become dark, stomach become hungry. Drive around looking for good, cheap nice eat around Johor Bahru.

Drove past a pretty quiet row of shop at Setia Indah, this particular kopitiam has quite a bit of customer inside when all the surrounding shops are closed.

There were only 2 foodstall which is operating at the time of arrival, this Claypot Chicken stall and tze-char at the back of the kopitiam. Since I am solo today, so just get the claypot chicken la.

They have other items like Soup, Yellow Wine Chicken etc
Other than Claypot Chicken, they actually have quite a few items on their menu. 

Combination of gas stove and also charcoal stove

Kinda suay as when I wanted to order, the boss says all the claypot which are being cooked now has all been 'purchased'. I got to wait for atleast half an hour because;
1) Staff ponteng, he kelam kabut now
2) No more rice, got to wash the rice
3) Many orders on hand, be patient la

Okloh, since I am not in a big hurry, I decided to wait and see what is so great about it that I need to wait so long.

Got to stir it ourself.

Waited for more than half an hour man, around 40 minutes. Not hungry also become hungry.
The boss is still very busy, my claypot was actually served to me by one of the stall regular customer.
For the period of 1 hour that I was here waiting and eating, it is very obvious that this stall has a lot of regular customer which don't mind helping the owner to wash his claypot, serves the food, get their own utensil. The boss PR must be sibeh good.

When all the rice, chicken,salted fish, green onions, chinese sauage are mixed together
Pardon the color, cheap China phone camera sometimes really cannot pakai. Actual color are much darker, but due to the lighting, couldn't get a nice photo that replicate the color

Lighting problem, couldn't get a shot that replicates the real colour

Pretty big serving for my standard. Lots of chicken, the rice are cooked just nice. 
Right amount of salted fish and sausage too. Too much and it'll be saltiness overkill (I hate salty food).
A fair amount of charred rice that sticks to the claypot. YUM YUM

[Pro Tips] Don't leave those charred rice that are sticking to the claypot alone. Scrap them. Mix it together with the rest of the rice. Mix it well. Once done properly, every bite that you takes will have mix of charred rice which smells,taste and add crunchy texture to your claypot rice.

I ate like a hungry ghost. Finish EVERYTHING, not a single rice were left behind. Nearly swallowed the bones of the chickens too

[Mom's rant] My mom says that the boss is very LAZY. She always go there at 6pm and they are not ready and the boss will blame it on his staff ponteng kerja again. 'Aiyo, why he cannot go earlier and start preparing leh?' blablablabla - mom continues to rant.....

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? : ♥ (RM8, guess it is standard price nowadays? Can't complain then) 
TASTE : ♥ (Bagus, sedap, ada QC) 
ENVIRONMENT :  (It is clean, the ladyboss of the kopitiam is helpful, scenes of regular customer helping out. Kudos!)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (No problem finding a car park as most shop around it is closed)
RETURN TO EAT : Yeap, unless you can recommend a better Claypot Chicken around here

date visited : 3rd week of Sept 2017

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Name : Kedai Minuman Heng Gan - 興興美食中心

Address : Jalan Setia 3/3, Taman Setia Indah, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Operation hour of this stall : 6PM onwards

Restoran Heng Gan aka Heng Heng @ Setia Indah

Claypot Chicken Rice @ Heng Gan Claypot Chicken Rice @ Heng Gan Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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