Austin Food Zone (Kopitiam)

Located at Mount Austin Industrial Zone. Along the road which connects Tmn Daya and Austin Height.

There is this foodcourt/kopitiam call Austin Food Zone.
The have some very good food in there.
One of it is a famous BAO stall which I'll update it later.

Stole this image from Google, the frontage of the shop, Austin FoodZone
** image stole from Google search **

For now, we write about the packet nasi lemak that is being sold here. Yeah, packet nasi lemak, packet nasi lemak, packet nasi lemak!!!!

It is retailing at RM1.50 for a single pack.
Double pack is RM3.00 , 3 packs goes for RM4.50

Yeah, no discount given at all :(

Nicely packed Nasi Lemak
 ** peektures by yours truly **

RM1.50, quarter of a boiled egg, and lovely sambal
** peektures by yours truly **

What does RM1.50 buy us? 
A packet of nasi lemak with a quarter of boiled egg, some ikan bilis and sambal. 
Let's start with the sambal.
It is sweet with hint of spiciness. Sweetness, probably a little sweet for some. Actually it is a very typical kind of Malay-made kind of sambal taste. Their sambal are usually spicy but a lot of sugar are added in it to 'cover up' the spiciness and makes it VERY ADDICTIVE and you can't stop once you start!!!
Ok, I admit, I like sweet stuff. 
Especially for nasi lemak, I prefer Malay type of Sweet & Spicy Sambal to go with my Nasi Lemak.

As for it's rice, it could have been better. It has light hint of coconut santan. But when paired with the sambal and the crispy ikan bili, one can easily finish the packet without realizing it is finished. 

For most people, 1 packet should be good enough for a light breakfast.  Though normally I have 2 packet or I'll get 1 packet of Nasi Lemak + 1 set of roti bakar

- stop for now, yawn, will update with other stall that is here

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Name : Restoran Austin Food Zone
Address : 24, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/20, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Johor 

Stole this image from Google, the frontage of the shop, Austin FoodZone
** image stole from Google search **

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