A prawn mee you never tried before @ Larkin

We believe a lot of younger generation JB people haven't been to this place.
So we jalan jalan and visit this place again for good cheap eats during this good weathered afternoon and to take some photo for the younger generation of JB people.

We are here at Larkin Wet Market's Food Court. There are many 'legendary' food stall here but not much youngster come here for makan, so probably they will be forgotten soon.

One of the legendary stall is this particular prawn mee stall, Ngew Seng Kwi Prawn Mee aka Ah Gui Prawn Mee.

To tell the truth, this is also ONLY my third visit to this place. Never did once it crossed my mind to makan at this foodcourt. It was by chance that I had to do some urgent grocery shopping, I ended up at Larkin Wet Market, hunger took over, so I came up to the foodcourt to makan.

I reached pretty late, about 3pm. Stall are all closed except for this prawn mee and another 1 or 2 stall. Uncle says he ran out of prawn already but I die die want to eat. So he can only make my a bowl with only pork slice

Quiz time!! What is different between above photo vs other prawn mee??
Noticed what is different from the usual prawn mee we can find at every other kopitiam?
The broth is 'black' instead of the usual red. It is served with cili padi instead of sambal.
Eh, dey, I already said what, they ran out of prawn.

Ok, refer below for their normal-when-they-have-prawn-time. OK? They have prawn.. OK?

** Disclaimer : I curi my own photo (above) from Google because I lose my copy **

So, what is so different vs other prawn mee stall in JB?
It is how it is prepared, how it taste totally different from the 'prawn mee' that we know off.
This is the so-called Singapore style Prawn Mee, not the usual Penang Hokkien Mee style that are a bit on the reddish side.
The broth/soup is very clear, very clean tasting, where one sip and you will feel the prawn swimming in your mouth. Top quality stuff, no bullshit.
The pork slice is very nice companion, but the prawn is truly good. Freshness assured!!

Ah, about the broth, either you love this old school Singapore Style or you'll find it 'ugh? wtF.. no taste, not nice blablabla'

And be very careful with the cili padi. IT IS SPICY!!!!

If you have not try this yet. Do give it a try. Personally, I worshipped Penang Hokkien Style of Prawn Mee, throw in lots of chilli powder for the spicy kick with 'prawny' taste soup, but this version of prawn mee is also very appealing for me. 

!!  ** MY VERDICT **  !!

WORTH THE MONEY? :  (Can't remember if it is RM5 or 6, but either way, it is VERY worth it as the ingredients are fresh, broth are top quality) 
TASTE :  (A different prawn mee for me, but I love it as much as I love Penang Hokkien style prawn mee) 
ENVIRONMENT : ♥ (It feels like we went back 30yrs back, the atmosphere, the people there)
ACCESSIBILITY  :  (I parked by the roadside like a boss)
RETURN TO EAT : Of course!!

Photo of the shop frontage and location map as below.

Name : Halimking Corner (Mee Bandung Corner)
Address : Level 3, top floor,  Larkin Wet Market Bus cum Terminal, Jalan Garuda, 80350, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Operating Hours : 11am to 3pm (or until sold out)

Incase you young one doesn't know how to go.

First, get to the back of Larkin Bus Terminal. Or to be more precise, the Entrance / Taxi Pick Up point of Larkin Wet Market. 
Just right after the corner from KFC / Pizza Hut

Park your car anywhere. Go in via the main entrance (Where there is an overhead bridge right on top)

Go in, walk straight and you'll see these flights of steps. Go up, till the highest floor.

Tadah!! There are 2 foodcourt though, Halal and non Halal. Go explore, slowly jalan around and look for your good cheap eats in Johor Bahru

A prawn mee you never tried before @ Larkin A prawn mee you never tried before @ Larkin Reviewed by Makan Minumla on September 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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