TomYum in Coconut @ Restoran BR (新国花) Permas Jaya

Saw someone posted about this on Facebook, as a curious cat, we went for it.
It is an stall full of coconut in Restoran BR (新国花) Permas Jaya.
Other than TomYum Seafood, they sell a few other kind of soup in coconut too.

This particular Seafood Tomyum cost RM13, decent serving, enough for two actually. 3 decent size prawn, quite a bit of lalas, some sotong.

As for taste wise, typical tomyum taste you get from any chinese da pai tong, but with a hint of coconut flesh. Something 'special' or new to me, girlfriend doesn't like it though

  • Price : RM13, ok-ok la.. if you ain't a big eater, 2 ppl can share
  • Presentation : Does look special, not your everyday tomyum, sizes of prawn and lala acceptable
  • Taste :  Not the best tomyum, but not bad.
  • Return to eat : Hmmm, nah, did not thought about it

date of visit : 1st June 2014
TomYum in Coconut @ Restoran BR (新国花) Permas Jaya TomYum in Coconut @ Restoran BR (新国花) Permas Jaya Reviewed by Makan Minumla on June 01, 2014 Rating: 5

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